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Hello, I am Will Chaillou owner of Business Machines Service * Sales * Supplies. I've been servicing and selling copiers, fax machines, and printers in Harford, Cecil, & Baltimore Counties since 1983.  I opened Business Machines in 1995, back then it was me (working out 

of my basement), my 1988 Chevy van, and my tool kit. We have grown into Harford County's largest and most trusted Office Equipment Company. Some people say they live and breath this stuff, but I know copiers from the inside out. I know what they can do and not do, that is how I sell copiers as a tech looking out for your best interest. 

We are a re-seller of Canon, Kyocera, Okidata, Ricoh, 

Toshiba, and Xerox Copiers, Faxes and Printers.

Our Technicians are on the road servicing from 8:30 AM to 5 PM,

Monday thru Friday, to take care of your repair needs.

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2019

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Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2019

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The change of Power,

What did they discuss?

January 17, 2019

Make your office Great again!

Call Will @410-838-1227

This is not a political statement,

I just thought it was funny.

Make your office Great Again!

January 15, 2019

Make your office Great again!

Call Will @410-838-1227

This is not a political statement,

I just thought it was funny.

Thanks Compass Home Group!

January 21, 2019

Thank you Compass Home Group! We just delivered 

a pair of Toshiba color copiers to their new Bel Air Office.

How long does it take to get a copier delivered?

January 24, 2019

Got a call Tuesday at 10:30 am from Cindy at Mason Dixon Community Services in Delta PA,she wanted me to come to her office after 3 pm to discuss purchasing a new copier.  I arrived at her office at 3:30, discussed the copier I thought would be a good fit for her.  Wednesday at 10 am we pulled up with their replacement copier. 

So I'm thinking 19.5 hours.

I know I just asked this but,

How long does it take to get a copier delivered?

January 24, 2019

For the ladies in picture from Restoration Tabernacle in Cecil it took about 17.5 hours. They are some happy ladies smiling ear to ear. You talk about nice people I have known Mary on left for years. Not only is she good people, every church is goes to a different we sell another copier. Thanks Mary!

So now, I'm thinking 17.5 hours.


Feb 18, 2019

 Somethings are just RUDE like hanging on the phone when on a date, or talking on your cell while the movie is on. My #1 rude is having someone reply to an ad I ran in this case on Facebook, have them agree to a time and date for an interview and then not show. Not only do they not show, they don't call, or message back say they are not coming. I as a employer set my time apart for the interview so I can't really start anything else.


Ticker Tape Parade: APG MD

Feb 25, 2019

Jim and I worked on a Xerox 7845 color copier at Aberdeen Proving Grounds today that has needed service for a long time. After we finished Lisa (the lady next to the copier) announced that the copier was fixed as we were leaving and the employees stood up and applauded us as we walked out the door. I went out to give an estimate on December 12, 2018 and we just got approval to order the parts last week. So the copier was unusable for at lease two months and 18 days or more.

Heroes: conquering 

one copier repair at a time!

Does anyone remember your first day at work?

Feb 28, 2019

I was hired at Lehr Office Machines in 1983 and the first day I shown a room full of broken office equipment and the boss said lets see if you can fix any of these. (I had never worked on office equipment before, I did use a Cash Register before being in the retail business for 12 years prior but that did not help much). He left to go out on calls and there I was, that was on the job training at it's best or being thrown to the wolves I'm thinking the latter. In that room were typewriters, faxes, printers, copiers, cash registers, duplicators, calculators, and manual adding machines, talk about a crash coarse. But I learned a lot by myself in a room in Forest Hill.

The First Day at Work Got to Love It!

Business 101 !

Mar. 05, 2019

Business 101 Keeping the money !!!!!! 

        I can't print anything!                                            What is wrong with my Printer/Copier?

I can't print anything from my computer but everyone else can . 

As a rule printers do what they are told to do. They are not selective so if anyone in the office is able to print the printer/copier is not the problem. There are several thing I have seen over the years that will cause this problem.

1) Check to see if your computers network cable is plugged in. I have driven 35 miles just to plug in a network cable.

2) Check to make sure you have the proper printer selected. Many print drivers are last used drivers meaning they default to the last used printer.

3) Check the IP address in the print driver. Then check the IP address for the same print driver on another computer that is working, if different change yours.

4) You have downloaded something off the internet and it corrupted your print driver. In this case delete the print driver and go the manufactures website and down load the latest print driver.

Mar. 13 2019

If the above is more then you can do on your own Call Us 410-838-1227. 

 Got Your attention! 

 Every month we do a drawing for a $50 gift card to a restaurant. To enter all you need to do is write a Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing review or like or share a post of Business Machines on Facebook. The next drawing is March 31st.

Go to BusinessMachines.com & click on Google Review, Twitter or Facebook. 

Mar. 14 2019

You have to review, like or share to win!! 

Thank Your Winters Run Golf Club!

 Winter's Run Golf Course was hit by a tornado last year in August it tore part of the roof off right over their copier. They just moved back in their newly remodeled office and we delivered a New Kyocera T/A 406ci copier. 

Mar. 20 2019

The ladies were real 

pleased with the new machine! 

Should I put My Copier Under Contract? 

I get ask all the time, should I put my copier under contract?


I just billed a customer at APG $2,600.00 to do the preventive maintenance on their copier?

Mar. 25 2019

2,600 reasons to have a contract! 

 Thanks Tom and John Lerch,   at Lerch Brothers Landscaping. They just purchased a Toshiba ES 4555c color copier from us. They are a new customer who found us on the internet, we are looking forward to long business relationship between 

The Lerch Brothers Landscaping

and Business Machines.

April 02 2019


 Pardon my RANT!

I had a fellow come in for a job interview yesterday.

1) He was 20 Minutes late, he said his baby sitter got to his house late. Did he call and let me know NO! The last job on his application, he worked for a week. He was fired for being late.

2) He came in wearing a skull cap, it was 56 degrees and sunny. Did he take it off, NO! The position was not for a high paying job with a accountant firm. I have minimum dress code standards, a button down shirt, casual pants and shoes but not jeans and or tennis shoes.

I have owned Business Machines for 25 years, so I have not been on the other side of the interview for quite a while. I don't think I was ever late or came in looking like I was going out to hang with my bros.

The interview should be your best foot forward, over dressed is always better then under dressed. Now if you are interviewing at Starbucks wear the beanie, jeans and tennis shoes.


April 04 2019



We have been getting calls to service Xerox Copiers over on Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Lots of WC-7835, 7845, 7855 and 5835 and 5845. I like working on them. They make sense, so we are going to start selling them. 

Funny how things                                    work out sometimes!

April 04 2019


Rant #2 Facebook!

Last week I ran a ad on Facebook and I got 85 people applications in two days. Not bad.

Of the 85 I rejected 35 because they have a PHD's, or they have had 9 jobs in 3 years, or they don't have a drivers license or a couple of resent DUI's or they don't speak English.

Then there were about 50. So I did just like other employers do I looked at their Facebook page. How stupid to have photo after photo of yourself, high on pot, or with whiskey or a beer in your hand, I'm not talking one or two but one after the other, after another. Have you ever thought what it looks like to an employer to see your posts of selfies I mean dozens and dozens of pouty lip selfies. Just what employers want self centered / self focused people working for them. Here is the best one a guy doing that gang pose and a whole bunch of photos of hand guns, like lots of them, like anyone in his or her right mind would hire him.

Then there were 5 people I would consider.

Watch what you post, your friends my think they cool but they are not going to pay you, so you can pay your bills.

April 09 2019


Manual Typewriters and the repair there of.

That is ink on my hands from the ribbon I installed.

It seems like I only have to install a ribbon on a Manual Typewriter when I am going out dinner that night. One may ask why not where rubber gloves? Because you just can't feel the ribbon with them on.

It's a dirty job, But someone got to do it!

April 11 2019


Thank You Don Curry           at TCA Property Management Inc in Aberdeen. We just delivered a Xerox WC 7845 last Thursday.  We replaced the Panasonic DP-C213 Color Copier they purchased from us back in 2012.

Got to love the repeat customer!

April 15 2019


Thank You Cani Optical!   

We just delivered a Kyocera M6535cidn Color copier to Cani Optical in Aberdeen Maryland. We replaced the Okidata MPS3537mc that they purchased from us back in 2014.

Got to love the

repeat customer!

April 18 2019


        Business Machines Closed                              GOOD FRIDAY  

Closed GOOD FRIDAY April 19th 2019 for EASTER.


April 18 2019


    Warning Warning!     Do not  plug a Space Heater in to a extension cord. Don't plug a Space Heater in to a power strip. And don't don't don't plug a space heater in to a power strip that is plugged in to a extension cord. And Don't x 1,000,000 time PLUG IN A SPACE HEATER AND A COPIER into a power strip that is plugged in to a extension cord.  We got a service call on a copier we delivered a week prior, the code was low voltage the tech sent me a photo of what he found when he got there. What you can't see is that the new copier was also plugged in to the power strip that was plugged it to a 100 foot extension cord. A certain amount a voltage is lost over the length of the wire so the longer the wire the greater the loss. I am not sure what the voltage was by the time it got to the copier but it was low enough that the copier could not run. Not only is it bad for the copier, it is a fire hazard

If you are the customer who did this            PLEASE FORGIVE ME for posting this,

 It is important that people know this.

April 23 2019


Thanks Craig at         C.D. Lawn Care                                          for purchasing a Okidata ES8473 color copier from us. We at Buisness Machines are looking forward to many years of servicing you.

April 23 2019


Thanks Mike at Michael Bryan Landscapes for you purchase of a Toshiba ES3055c Color Copier. They are a new customer for us and We are looking forward to many years of serving them.

May 08, 2019


And the winner is!      Angel Burhman @ TJ Distributors

Every month we do a drawing for a $50 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. All you need to do is write a 5 STAR Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing review, like or share a post on our Business Machines Facebook page.

next drawing June 2019

May 09, 2019


Generator + Copier

= Costly Repair!

A customer of ours builds and sells small clusters of homes and moves their office from time to time. Their last move was in to a Office Trailer, Unknown to us they had no electric at first so they were running the office with a generator. We shortly there after had a rash of service calls. When this happens we put a line monitor on the outlet that the copier is plugged in to for seven days. During that time the voltage sagged down to 91v, 88v, 92v, 81v and 31v twice and spiked to 134v and 158v.

Never Run a Office Grade Copier with a Generator!!!

May 14, 2019


Thank You Pastor Lewis at Agape Church

 in Havre de Grace Maryland for you purchase of a Toshiba ES4555c color copier. They are a new customer for us and we are looking forward to many years of serving, friendship and fellowship.

May 20, 2019




Do you know someone who needs to replace their copier send me their info and if they purchase a copier, I’ll send you a $50 Outback Gift Card.

May 20, 2019


Thank You 

Har-Co Credit Union

Thank you Blaise Sedney at Har-Co Credit Union in Bel Air Maryland. We delivered a new Kyocera TASKalpha 406ci.  They did not need A3 (11 x 17 printing) and because of that we proposed 406ci.  It prints and copies at 42 pages per minute, has Dual Scan Document Feeder,  print, scan and fax for about 1/2 the price of a A3. 

Looking forward to many years of 

servicing Har-Co Credit Union.

June 10, 2019


Thanks United Constructors Group 

We just delivered a Kyocera 4501i to their Abingdon office. My opinion as a 36 year copier tech, the 4501i is best Black only copier on the market. It is a 45 PPM copier/ printer/ scanner, 600,000 image PM cycles, heavy duty and quite.

June 12, 2019


Thanks Print Doctor in Miami Florida, 

This order makes machines 7 and 8 in 16 months. The Okidata ES9475 is a Toshiba ES5055c but it takes different toner cartridges and has a Oki Name badge on it. Great customer!

June 12, 2019




in Joppa Maryland!

We just replaced their Okidata MPS3537mc with a Kyocera M6635cidn. The M6635cidn is the newest Kyocera small work group color copier it does 35 PPM color and black. It comes standard with Print, Scan and Fax and best of all is the 300,000 image Preventive Maintenance cycles. It is a good thing to have repeat customers, it lets you know you are doing good work.

June 25, 2019


Big Brother is watching you!

Did you know!

Humans record everything they see, hear, touch and smell, it is all stored in our Hard Drive (brain). That innocent copier in your office sees and records every thing that is Printed, Copied,Scanned or Faxed all that data is stored in it's hard drive. 

June 26, 2019


Big Brother

is watching you!

Part 2: Did you know you are the low hanging fruit!

Hackers can hack any device that has a Hard Drive on your office or home network. They know that most small businesses and home owners don't take cyber security seriously. So they go after the low hanging fruit / the easy ones to get to.  Since that innocent copier in your office sees and records every thing that is Printed, Copied, Scanned or Faxed and all that data is stored in it's hard drive. 

June 27, 2019


Thanks Samantha at Advanced Tax Accounting 

for your purchase of a New Kyocera M6635cind Color Copier. What a pleasure to work with, they are a new customer for us. And a big thanks to Greg at Tri-State Computers for the referral.

July 10, 2019


Internet Scam!

We got a email 20 years ago long before anyone heard of this type of scam. The person wanted to purchase $65,000.00 worth of HP Ink (several pallets) and wanted us to ship to Nigeria. We told them they would need to send us a company check and we would deposit it and we would ship 30 days after the it cleared the bank. We got the check for $65,000 and deposited it, check cleared, thirty days later all was well, we shipped. Day 33 we get a call from the bank, the check was stolen and they want their money back. We called the shipper and the pallets of ink were sitting at the airport waiting to be loaded. They stopped the shipment and returned it to our supplier. There was a 15% restocking fee, thank GOD for insurance, that covers fraud! 

Talk about a lesson learned.

July 24, 2019



Thanks Joanne at Deco-Signs in Forest Hill Maryland for your purchase of a refurbished M6535cidn Color Copier. We replaced their Panasonic DP-C213 copier, the M6535cidn was a good fit for them,

since they did not print on 11x17 paper, if you do not print on Ledger Paper (11x17). Call us and save big on your next copier. 

Thanks Again!

August 12, 2019


Thanks Mike and Terri    

at Bel Air Construction for your purchase of 3 copiers, 2- Okidata MC363 and 1 - Xerox WC7835 copiers. 

They have been my customers since March of 1996.

Good customer / Good People. 

August 28, 2019


$50 Outback Gift Card

Offer Good Sep 11 – Dec 31

Do you know someone who needs a Copier or is in the process of purchasing a Copier?

Facebook Message Will at Business Machines with the persons contact info and if it turns into a sale, I'll send you a $50 Outback gift Card

September 11, 2019


Champion of Choices 

Last week Business Machines, the Harford County's Office of Drug Control Policy and the Christian Business Men's Connection Funded/Sponsored Marc Mero (Ex-Professional Wrestler) to do his Champion of Choices Assemblies in six of Harford County's Middle Schools. Marc spoke 3 times in Edgewood Middle, 3 times at Magnolia Middle, 3 times in Southampton Middle, 1 time in Patterson Mill Middle and 1 time in Patterson Mill High. We also did 2 followup Champion of Choices Rallies. I went to all the school assemblies and kids and teachers alike were crying as Marc told his life story.

I am praying for the long term effects of these Anti Bullying and Drug talks.

September 30, 2019


Consumer Grade 

Vs Office Grade!

Did you know that 82% of profit for copier and printer companies come after the sale of the copier? Consumer Grade copier/printers like you buy at Staples and Walmart are basically give a ways. They are banking on you purchasing toner over and over again. The average cost per page for a Consumer Grade Copier/Printer is 3 to 5 cents per page Black and 25 to 50 cents per page Color. Office Grade Copier/Printer is between .75 to 1.5 cent per page Black and 6 to 9 cent per page color. If over the life time of a OG copier/printer you ran 100,000 color images you would save about $19,000 using the low end figures.

Call me and start saving! 410-838-1227

October 13, 2019



I purchased a Red Dancing Man for the front of Business Machines on 11-7-19 one week later it was stolen. If you see Dancing Man that looks like the one in the Photo on someone front lawn any time soon,

Call US 410-838-1227

October 14, 2019


Thank You Eileen at Cardiovascular Assoc. for you purchase of a Xerox B8055.

We located this current model Xerox B8055 on a off lease website. The machine was repossessed by the bank and only has 9,100 images on it. At Business Machines we are always looking for low meter copiers. In this case we sold to Cardiovascular Assoc. for 50% the cost of new machine. They run over 12,000 per month on there Panasonic copier, so for them it has about 3 weeks worth of images on it. We save our customers thousands of dollars, it is a win win they save and we make money.

We located this current model Xerox B8055 on a off lease website. The machine was repossessed by the bank and only has 9,100 images on it. At Business Machines we are always looking for low meter copiers. In this case we sold to Cardiovascular Assoc. for 50% the cost of new machine. They run over 12,000 per month on there Panasonic copier, so for them it has about 3 weeks worth of images on it. We save our customers thousands of dollars, it is a win win they save and we make money.

Call US 410-838-1227

December  17, 2019


Generic Toner Buyers Beware.

I have seen first hand the damage generic toner can cause. Some times you win sometimes you lose. It really is a crap shot. I have seen toner that the melting temperature is not right and the tone will rub off the page. Other time I have seen the toner all over the inside of the copier because the charge properties were in correct and instead of being on the paper it is on everything else. Than there are the toners that have a chip in them that tells the machine how much toner is in the cartridge. If that chip is not designed right the machine can think it is out of toner when it is all but full. But I have also seen where they work just fine.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose!!!

Call US 410-838-1227

Feb  17, 2020


Liars and Thieves, Just get a job!

We use credit cards to purchase things all the time for the office, small parts and small reoccurring monthly bills. This is a system that has worked well for 25 years, until a liar and a thief sitting in his / her basement gets your credit card number.

Now I have to call the vendors that use that card and give them a temporary card until the replacement card comes in, then I get to call the CC company again and change it again.

I think there is a special place in HECK for those who are just to lazy to get a job and cause more work for us that do work for a living.

Get a Job!

Call US 410-838-1227

March  10, 2020


             Never in 37 year!!

We delivered a copier to a long time customer of ours, 20+ years Hilsmeier Modular Homes. His office is in his home in Delta PA. The drive way is rather steep. When I backed out of the driveway, If you notice in the picture the front wheels are off the ground. Which in turn scarred the ba-jeegbers out of me. What do you do the front of the truck was floating about 6 to 12" off the ground. You sit there with your foot on the brake and wait for it to float down and drift back to level ground.

scarred the ba-jeegbers out of me

Call US 410-838-1227

March  14, 2020


             Copy Center Closed til????

We have closed our copy center located in our offices at 28 E. Jarrettsville Rd Forest Hill Maryland 21050 to the public, Until the Corona Virus scare is over. You can go to Kinko's in Bel Air, you will pay more but they are open for now.

   Sorry for any inconvenience!!

Call US 410-838-1227

March  17, 2020




We are deemed a support for Essential Businesses. We are taking every precaution to keep our team and customers safe. Our techs work in customers offices,                                                                                  PLEASE LIMIT SERVICE REQUESTS (IF POSSIBLE),     TO LIMIT OUR and YOUR EXPOSURE, THANK YOU!

Call US 410-838-1227

April  04, 2020